Eternity Now

Francis Lucille

Francis' first book, edited by Alan Epstein and originally published in 2001.

"Real life has no purpose. Real life is pure joy, pure freedom."

The Perfume of Silence

Francis Lucille

Franci's second book published in 2010 and edited by Rupert Spira. These talks took place between 1997 and 2002 in the United States, Canada and Europe.

"Don't expect anything, and you will get everything."

Truth Love Beauty

Francis Lucille

Francis' third book, compiled by Warnick Wakefield and originally published in 2010. These conversations took place in Canada and England in 2002.

"What is important is to be happy, to live without problems, so that you greet the beginning of each day with enthusiasm, and the end of each day with satisfaction."